At Hall Management Group...

We're a passionate band of chefs, food lovers, wine enthusiasts, farmers, fishermen, hosts and servers dedicated to sharing distinctive, unforgettable culinary experiences that celebrate Southern hospitality.

With an abundance of fresh, local ingredients, an abiding respect for our culinary heritage and a generous helping of hospitality, we can't help but share it. The truth is, we believe we're all at our best when we're breaking bread together, passing plates, sharing recipes and raising glasses. And there's always room for more at the table.

Skills, Drive and Desire Wanted

If that's you, let's get cooking.

Career Opportunities

As important as the ingredients we hand pick are the people we choose to craft and celebrate exceptional food and drink

David Marconi

Director of Operations

David Marconi returned to Slightly North of Broad as general manager in 2012, the Charleston favorite he helped create in 1993. David joined our company in 1991 after successful manager roles in restaurants on Nantucket and in Washington, D.C. Over the course of 20 years David has opened new restaurants for Hall Management Group, managed multiple restaurants and become a shareholder. He has also played an integral role in the development of our restaurant enterprise.

Frank Lee

Vice President of Culinary Development, Shareholder

He's been standing at a stove for nearly 40 years, but Frank Lee has never lost the fire in his belly - and a passion for combining French technique with his beloved Southern ingredients. Known as a guiding force in the Lowcountry's culinary renaissance, Lee has mentored dozens of young chefs. He's also helped grow the businesses of local farmers and crafts people. Local before it was cool, and sustainable before it was sexy, Chef Lee believes in trying the untried and doing the undone.

Tony Norton

Hall Management Group Beverage Manager

A Charleston native and attendee of the College of Charleston, Tony Norton is no stranger to Southern Hospitality. For the past 12 years he has dedicated his time and passion for food and wine to High Cotton. With his problem solving ability, integrity and capability to maintain a cool head, he has excelled over the years in the hospitality industry.