The Maverick House Spirits are...

the perfect way to share what's fresh and tasty at Hall Management Group with your favorite people.

In true Maverick form we have created a line of the finest, cleanest and purist spirits available. The Maverick private label was crafted specifically for us based on flavors that have been customized and tested by our team to create the smoothest spirits around. As the first company in the United States to utilize this new technology, we invite you to cheers to the good life and enjoy!

An extremely good Vodka for those who demand it. Made from 100% American corn, this gluten free vodka is crisp and refreshing and extraordinarily smooth.

The Charleston/Greenville

1.5oz Maverick Vodka, .5oz Dry Madeira, 1oz unsweetened ice tea, 1oz fresh lemonade, mint infused simple syrup - served in a high ball on the rocks with sprig of mint and lemon garnish

Infused with berry flavor, this smooth vodka is created with the most magical blend of berries. Made with 100% American corn and gluten free.

The Huck Finn

1.5oz Maverick Berry Vodka, splash of Lemonade, crushed blueberries, serve on the rocks in a mason jar for true Southern pleasure.

A lemon revolution, for a very citrus situation. Crisp, pure and refreshing, this Vodka is made with 100% American corn and gluten free.

The Island Martini

1.5oz Maverick Citrus Vodka, 1oz vanilla Vodka, splash of fresh orange juice and pineapple juice. Serve up in a martini glass garnished with a pineapple slice

Smooth sipping guaranteed with our premium Bourbon Whiskey, aged in oak for two years.

The 550

1.5oz Maverick Bourbon Whiskey, .5oz FernetBranca, brandy soaked cherries for garnish with an orange slice, served up in a martini glass

Powered by the juniper berry, handcrafted in small batches and stands up to the fiercest limes and lemons. Made from 100% American corn and gluten free.

Cucumber Collins

1.5oz cucumber infused Maverick Slingin' Gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, rosemary sprig, served up

Legendary tequila for legendary enjoyment. Made from 100% blue agave and the tequila lesser margaritas cry about.

Margarita Del Fuego

1.5oz Maverick Mas Fina Tequila, .5oz Triple Sec, squeeze two fresh limes, garden jalapenos, served on the rocks with a sugar and salt rim

For your inner rebel, take no prisoners always bring rum. Distilled from sugar cane molasses from the USA.

Hemingway Mojito

1.5oz Maverick Renegade Rum,splash of Peychaud bitters muddled with cane syrup, mint, fresh lemons, limes, splash of soda water to top, served in a highball with fresh mint sprig garnish

Why House Spirits

Maverick spirits have been crafted by Terressentia, a Charleston, SC distiller using a proprietary technology.

The Terrepure technology removes the harsh-tasting elements to reveal a smoother, more refined spirit. The technology also removes many of the free radicals found in the distillate, which are the bad tasting radicals that produce the acidic taste and bad reactions in the human body.

By using the Terrepure technology Terressentia is able to rapidly age, filter, purify and flavor Maverick distilled spirits to create ultra-premium liquors at affordable prices.

Why Terressentia

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